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Search Engine Optimization

Jaipur Software provides search engine optimisation services in India. While there is no cast-iron guarantee of reaching the top positions in all major search engines we will optimise your pages so that they are maximised for search engine visibility.

With standard compliant coding, keyword research, site content, structure, relevant inbound linkage and correct meta-data the search engines are more inclined to index websites content. We make sure your site is listed within the relevant categories for your product and include alternative search parameters utilising top level and mid level keywords and phrases that are being used to search for your information or product.

Jaipur Software will analyze your product or service and target customers in order to place your site in the correct categories including local, regional and international directories and search engines.

Choosing the right Search Engine Optimisation Services Company in India

Search marketing (SEM) and search engine optimisation services (SEO) are the major ‘buzz-phrases’ of the moment. This is due to companies who want more than just a web presence but also maximum web visibility.

At the present time there are many marketing companies claiming they can produce top results in a short period of time and guarantee top listings within search engines. SEO services works at different levels and does not happen over-night. There is no 'quick fix' that places a website 'at the top. No Search engine optimisation company can guarantee the top position. Search engine placement comes through well optimised and coded web pages. Optimising each page to meet standard compliant coding such as HTML 4.01, XHTML 1.0 and other related languages. It then comes with the right content and the positioning of key-content on web pages. Inbound links from other related (content) websites, and creating the correct titles and copy for each of your pages. High placements for a website come with the constant monitoring and re-working of content, links and overall site architecture and structuring even then a search engines algorithm can change overnight and the process of SEO has to be re-configured with the 'new set of rules' that come into place.

Jaipur Software is a web development & SEO company that provide full search engine optimisation services, working with companies regionally and throughout the IN, CO.IN and internationally. Our team has a broad depth of experience in designing functional websites. The team includes members with specialist skills in several key areas including web design, ecommerce shopping carts including database and Content Management Systems (CMS), branding, project authoring and online advertising.

JS provides consultations and work on a best advice policy for every job we undertake. We take a thorough look at your business and its movement and progression on the World Wide Web (WWW). We optimise the coding in your web pages and redesign where necessary. We look at your competition and optimise your website accordingly.


Jaipur Software search engine optimisation services are designed to concentrate on several key areas when making its recommendation for web site optimisation and search engine marketing campaigns.

  • Website Meta-Data – ensuring the correct researched titles and descriptions for each individual web page
  • Content - we optimise the content and if needed employ a copywriter to re-write the content for full optimisation. Spider and robots such as the ones Google Msn and Yahoo use look at content. Is it relevant, does it contain the right amount of keywords? Is it understandable?
  • Coding - you can have a beautiful looking website with all the right search optimisation techniques in place but still your website is not being indexed by Google. This is sometimes due in part to coding problems within the site especially if a website is built in frames or using java or flash in its navigation.
  • Site Design and Structure - this is a key and important issue in maintaining your website standard. If your website is of poor design it then reflects on the product your company offers. Visitors today expect a company's website to reflect the information or product that is offered, to be functional with the right amount of usability and navigation. A website is your window on the web.
  • Keyword Research - One of the more important elements of search engine optimisation is research of words and sentences that are used by visitors. JS will research the key phrases that are used to find your product or services and build your content around these phrases. Key phrase research is not just about looking for the top keyword but also mid-level key phrases that relate to your website.
JS takes all this into account when optimising your website and makes recommendations on the best way forward for your site to work for you and your company.

Website Statistics (Stats)

Jaipur Software supplies a website analysis report on a monthly basis for the websites that it has fully optimised. This report shows you a graph on how your website is performing in the search engines, how many visitors, and keywords used. Part of our services is to implement Matrix Statistics software on the server allowing you to privately log-on to your account and monitor website traffic and the areas your traffic comes from. This enables us to implement marketing strategies based on the feedback we receive through our reports. Included in the stats are the key-phrases a visitor uses to find your website, the search engine or directory the visitor found you in, the time of day for traffic, by country and much more.

Linking Campaign (links)

Jaipur Software's SEO services provide a solid linking campaign for its clients. This helps in the overall search engine optimisation technique. Not only does it help in your websites overall visibility by being linked on other high-level domain websites. It aids some search engines in determining how popular your website is and how many other websites with relative content link to it and treat it as an authority site. This will help in your overall search engine ranking.

As more websites enter the World Wide Web the higher the demand for top positioning and ranking becomes a factor. Search engines start to concentrate more on relevant content and the public perception of your site. Is it content that consumers and visitors will find worthwhile? Do other key content websites link to it? These are just a few of the factors that need to be considered for a successful link building campaign.

JS do not condone the use of spam mailings, 'sharp practise' such as 'SEO bad habits' including doorway pages, re-directs pages and other bad practises. We feel and know that website positioning services can be achieved through standard industry practises. To this end we will not take any job that calls for illegal use or unfair tactics that would have a detrimental effect on a websites overall outlook.

Click here to inquire about Jaipur Software's search engine optimization / search engine marketing services. Our search engine optimization / search engine marketing prices are custom made to fit your requirements and budget.
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