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Search Engine Registration

The function of Search Engines and the procedures for the submission, registration and listing with them is important for the promotion of your website! Jaipur Software have done considerable research into this. There are thousands of websites created each day so competition for ranking is high.


There are no real shortcuts to achieving a high ranking, it is a complex process and varies from site to site. It is important to note that search engines and web directories are different and that a different approach is necessary to achieve listing in both. Search engine registration should follow a schedule for maximum effectiveness. Each search engine is unique and requires research to get to the best positions. This is why those services that promise to "submit your site to 3000 search engines" do not work- besides, how many search engines do you use?


Simply submitting your website is not enough. Obtaining top results requires optimizing your site for your target keywords and carefully following the registration rules. Most small business owners are so busy running their business that they don't have time for this time-consuming task. That's where Jaipur Software can help.


If your site is not well placed, Jaipur Software can help you to improve its ranking. Jaipur Software perform strictly manual submissions to the top engines and carefully document our process and the results because advantages in manual search engine submission are greater than automatic search engines registration.


The results of a survey of website marketers have found that most prefer to submit manually to search engines rather than use auto-submission tools. Most marketers said that this was because they "know" manual submission is more effective.


Jaipur Software strongly recommend that search engine registration are made a regular continuous process. The reason for this is that search engines have a habit of dropping sites without warning. The remedy may simply be a re-submission and Jaipur Software will take care of this for you when we encounter rankings which are not good enough (usually if your site is outside the top 30).


Also, search engines will change their ranking methods from time to time and this can have the same effect. One moment, your site could be doing well, ranked in the top 10, until a search engine decides to change its algorithm and you drop down several pages allowing your competitors to take your place. Such an event may need a re-think about your site's optimization. You cannot do this until you know that you have dropped down the list, hence the importance of monitoring your site's rankings.


Though website manual submission involves many steps and is more time consuming, you are absolutely guaranteed that the manual submission is done by hand rather than by using software that automates the process. Our expertise takes hours to give your website a personal evaluation, accordingly amend your website's meta title, description and content to increase your website's keywords density based on the relevancy criteria of those top search engines & directories.


Our search engine registration and search engine placement services will enable your website to get top 30-40 positions in the major search engines. We do not consider a page, which ranks outside 40 positions to be optimized.

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